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The Mono Men "Monster" 1996 Colored Vinyl Art By Kozik

The Mono Men "Monster" 1996 Colored Vinyl Art By Kozik

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The Mono Men "Monster"
-You Must be a Witch

Label: Man's Ruin Records
Year: 1996
Class: Record/CD Art
Size: 7" Vinyl

Edition: 3000

Frank Kozik, Series MR-0013

Celebrate Halloween in June with those lovable little ghouls, the MONO MEN. We here at MAN'S RUIN heartily suggest purchasing this fine recording lest we soak your windows and nail your cat to the front door. This gleaming tray of 100% vinyl offers you the following taste treats: "Monster" and "You Must Be A Witch".  The MAN'S RUIN "Official Listening Guide" recommends that for maximum listening pleasure this single be accompanied by a six pack of PABST and a 2 pound bag of Candy Corn.

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