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Pervis "Simple" 1995 Colored Vinyl Art By Kozik

Pervis "Simple" 1995 Colored Vinyl Art By Kozik

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Pervis "Simple"

Label: Man's Ruin Records
Year : 1995
Class: Record/CD Art
Size: 7" Vinyl

Edition: 1500

Frank Kozik, Series MR-0010

MAN'S RUIN finally releases this excellent 7" (hey - all the pressing plants were way backed up) by Dallas' PERVIS. PERVIS rocks heavy. Fronted by music's most alluring female duo, they at times eclipse ZEPPELIN in sheer heavy saturation bombing orchestration. PERVIS, long a Dallas strong point, is reaching out nationally on their current tour. Be the first one on the block to have this fine musical recording.

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