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The Outsideinside "9:33" Colored Vinyl Art By Kozik

The Outsideinside "9:33" Colored Vinyl Art By Kozik

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Outsideinside "9:33"
-Stripper's Lament

Label: Man's Ruin Records
Year: 1995
Class: Record/CD Art
Size: 7" Vinyl

Edition: 2000

Frank Kozik, Series MR-0012

Southern California's OUTSIDEINSIDE serve up a single that show that they are the masters of both kinds of music, surf and drag. With many years of rock and roll squarley behind them, the members of this generally loved, yet sometimes misunderstood group have freaked out and recorded two of the best instrumentals since DAVE ALLAN waxed the immortal "Blue's Theme". So whether you're a dragnut or a Maltese Cross wearin' surfer, this record gives new meaning to the time honored phrase, "kicks ass, dude".

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