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Dale Crover "Drumb" 1996 Colored Vinyl By Kozik

Dale Crover "Drumb" 1996 Colored Vinyl By Kozik

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Dale Crover "Drumb"
-Forwards (Four Words)
-Backwards (Back Words)

Label: Man's Ruin Records
Year: 1996
Class: Record/CD Art
Size: 7" Vinyl


Edition: 3000

Frank Kozik, Series MR-0004


DALE CROVER, like John Bonham and Keith Moon before him, will be remembered as one of the most pivotal and important drummers of rock and roll era. Surely no one has ever listened to a MELVINS record without uttering a heartfelt "WOW", even if it was in a hushed, reverent tone. On this, DALE's long awaited second solo release, he stretches out musically to a place beyond the realms of human comprehension. Perhaps it is best described as Progressive Alternative Grunge Punk with a Metal twist and a Classic feel. It is all that and much, much less.

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