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Blag Dahlia "Haunt Me" 1995 Colored Vinyl Art By Kozik


$ 24.95
Blag Dahlia "Haunt Me" 1995 Colored Vinyl Art By Kozik

Blag Dahlia "Haunt Me"
-Haunt Me
-Let's Take a Ride

Label: Man's Ruin Records
Year: 1995
Class: Record/CD Art
Size: 7" Vinyl

Edition: 3000

Frank Kozik, Series MR-0006

BLAG DAHLIA, the best looking, glove sportin' man in show business returns with a punk rock supergroup featuring REX EVERYTHING (the architect of the KYUSS bass sound), VADGE AMORE (degenerate sodomite from the DWARVES), and WHOLLY SMOKES (guitar terrorist from HEMI). Because of a screw up too long and complicated to explain, we ended up with both A-sides of the first two singles. So, what does this mean in layman's terms? It means it rocks beyond your wildest expectations!!! Evil never dies, buy now and save your soul.

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