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Alex Cole Jr. - Ray Charles - White - 2011


$ 40.00
Alex Cole Jr. - Ray Charles - White - 2011
Alex Cole Jr. is an artist and musician from South Minneapolis, MN. He is the lead singer and bassist for the rock band ‘The Upper Cuts’, as well as various hip-hop and reggae bands. As an artist he specializes in street style graffiti art and stencils. His bold images and choice of colors allows him to stand out in a sea of other artists. This is Alex Cole Jr’.s “Jazz Legend Series”. Included in the series is, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane and Ray Charles. He sums up the paintings by saying, “I’ve selected 4 musicians that are iconic and were, in my opinion, on the forefront of some of the greatest music ever recorded. I chose the bright pastels to represent the hipness, and unique aspect of all their music. The pure black background is a testament to how classic and timeless their music is.”

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