Uncle Charlie Artist Bio at Nevermind Gallery

“Uncle Charlie” is Charlie Hardwick's professional handle. Charlie has created rock posters for nearly two decades, radiantly colorful images that have plugged shows at venues in Houston and Austin for acts such as U2, Radiohead, Metallica, James Brown,The Who, Red Hot Chili Peppers and dozens of others. Charlie grew up in Houston and enjoyed playing in local bands, such as Dresden 45 and Blunt, during high school in the mid 80’s. While at the University of Houston he decided he didn't want to log hours in introductory design classes, so he instead enrolled at the Art Institute of Houston. After graduation, a muscian pal got him in the door at a local design firm where Charlie remained for 15 years as a senior designer. He designed packaging for Coke Foods, including Hi-C and Minute Maid, Imperial Sugar and Mission Foods. In the early '90s he was hired by a Cleveland-based “poster broker-type guy” to do a Smashing Pumpkins poster for Houston area promoter Pace Concerts. Soon he was negotiating with local promoters and cutting out the middlemen. On his style, Hardwick admits the cartoon-character images are among his favorite, but he also enjoys trying different ideas. Hardwick says, “it’s important to have a wide range of design styles to try and fit the vibe of a variety of different bands.” Despite a severe vision loss which occurred in 2003 which left him legally blind, Hardwick has coped with his disablity and continues to produce artwork. His work pops up at House of Blues and other live music venues around Texas.