Collection: PAUL ROLFES

Paul Rolfes, American, is a visual artist living and working out of Saint Paul, Minnesota. He began a professional career in art after moving from Montana to Minnesota in 2006. Paul's style is unique an colors he uses are a signature palette he has created through trials and tribulations of a frustrated painter. Growing up in Montana, Paul was never one for skiing and snowboarding. Instead, he would draw comics, story boards and invent numerous characters and designs. Paul has worked as a resident artist and has had numerous exhibitions and a few publications. Paul has shown in numerous art shows in the Twin Cities; Nevermind Gallery, Pancakes and booze, Art Crawls, Hang It and Art-A-Whirl. Rolfes is a prolific artist with many mediums. He is always adapting and changing styles. He began oil painting in 2006 and has since branched into pop culture mediums like stenciling, collage and design works.