Collection: LINDSEY KUHN

During High School in Mississippi Lindsey began making flyers for the Punk shows and Skate contests he was promoting. While at The University of South Alabama he continued to work with local bands, producing flyers, shirts, and stickers for their shows. In 1990 he moved to Austin, Texas and acquired a job in a silk-screen sweatshop where he put in six months of silk-screening 13,000 shirts daily, and had his first proficient schooling in silk-screening on paper. During his free time Lindsey would hang out at shows, party, skate, do anything to combat the boredom of the shop, and frequent Record Conventions as well. It was at one of these conventions that he met Debbie Jacobson (of L'imagerie Gallery) and began working for her in the Fall of 1990. During the next year he printed posters for Frank Kozik, Robert Williams, Robert Crumb, Big Daddy Roth, The Pizz, Sukalski, Suzanne Williams, Shelton, and more... In the Fall of 1991, Lindsey began to use the printing press to print his own art works. The Green Jell-O/Tool New Years show in Los Angeles was his first show poster. In the Spring of 1992 he began working with Artrock Gallery. During the next two years Lindsey printed at least 200 different posters; 75 of them being Kuhn designs. In February 1994, when Artrock packed up their printing operation and moved to San Francisco, Lindsey stayed in Austin to form his own business. Within the first 6 months of operation he printed over 40 of his own posters in the newly established SWAMP. Since then the SWAMP has grown into a silk-screening empire that will screen anything and everything. Most notable however are the Kuhn original silk-screen posters and the ever present SWAMP shirt.