Collection: LES SEIFER

Les Seifer's work has always generated a terrific buzz and his group of collectors has expanded across the country. Seifer, originally from Westchester County, New York now lives in Brooklyn where his passion for painting often shows up on canvases, wood panels or drawings that relate most often to 'Old Brooklyn' industrial sites, wharfs, and neighborhoods. A graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in Art, Les has dedicated himself to a career in painting. He has representation in New York City and Provincetown and his work is in the collection of private individuals in the USA and Europe.

Seifer's work is well thought out and deliberate. He spends a great deal of time internalizing images he wishes to produce on canvas and frees himself to express each piece individually. This process can take a long period of time, usually months, before completion. He speaks openly about the process and says, "It isn't so much that I labor over [these paintings] continuously: rather I tend to see new things and my instincts tell me different paths to follow from week to week. I'm letting time contribute to them."

His mediums include oil paint, acrylic paint, charcoal, lacquer-based inks and cut paper collage on paper, canvas or Masonite. With this mix of mediums he creates vibrant paintings that engage the viewer and tell a story. He continues to play with vibrant color to create collage/paintings of mixed media that exude a high degree of accuracy and an eye that looks onward to endless development. Les uses geometrical imagery by juxtaposing triangles, rectangles and squares in his work and there will be the occasional person, bird or horses that will appear in his images. He says of his own work, "I think [my] work is much more figurative than the past couple of years, though I still walk that line between figuration and abstraction. I would say that line has shifted slightly back towards figuration this year, with birds, and horses and even people popping up here and there.", all of which adds to the three dimensionality of his work.