Collection: DWITT

Dwitt Artist Bio at Nevermind Gallery

A veteran of the comic book, rock poster, gallery, bookstore, and even gaming worlds, DWITT might just be the most ubiquitous artist whose name you’ve never learned… until now. Under the influence of varying quantities of caffeine, endorphins, canned beer, and Slayer albums, David Witt is a man with the stamina to create 30 flyers in 30 days for the (soon-to-be) legendary Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis, MN, armed with nothing more than his vivid imagination and well-honed talent. His visceral images of ghouls and demons, busty dames and booze-soaked revelries, George W. Bush and Anthony Bourdain, are instantly recognizable_each emphatic line positively thrums and pulses, every one the embodiment of Witt’s wide-ranging inspirations and passions.

A founding member of the Squad 19 Design Collective and the Back Alley Gallery, Witt comments that “making it work as a professional has involved taking advantage of every opportunity and lucky break_there’s never been a plan, just a lot of drawing.” Rather than just this modest scraping by, however, he strives to make every project his best, often with spectacular results.

Witt’s illustrations, paintings, and limited edition screen prints have been exhibited around the globe and reproduced in books and publications including The Art of Modern Rock, Gigposters Vol. 1, I Want Your Skull, German collective Bongout’s anthologies, and the series of graphic novels he’s illustrated for Lerner Publishing. His work can also be rocked-out to as the visual accompaniment to so many amateur and virtuoso living-room solos played in Guitar Hero II and found plastered across tee shirts extolling rowdy bands and rowdier holidays (Witt is, after all, a founder of International Canned Beer Month, celebrated each August). Finally, when at a loss to find any DWITT in your life, you can always simply look around: his art is most at home in the world when stapled to lamp posts or taped to the bathroom doors of dive bars across this great land. That’s right, the name’s David Witt_D-W-I-T-T, for those of you carving it into your desktops.