Collection: Burlesque of North America

Burlesque of North America Artist Bio at Nevermind Gallery

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN via Montpelier, VT

When did you start working with BRLSQ: Since the very beginning, when we decided to call it BRLSQ instead of Rambo. 2000/2001?

Brief BRLSQ job description: Owner/operator. Time is spent between design, prepress (specializing in high end separations), R & D for the printshop and trouble shooting. Also part of CO exhibitions, the art space jointly run by BRLSQ and Permanent ADG

Favorite BRLSQ project you've worked on: There isn't one that I can pinpoint. Some of the ones with the best outcomes are usually the most physically and mentally demanding. My favorite project is BRLSQ itself, that we've gotten this far and learned so much along the way.

Favorite music: Melvins have stayed high on my list for a long time. Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Astrud Gilberto. Ennio Morricone. I also just like bass in general. 100hz and below

Favorite food: Indian food, all varieties of mac & cheese and burgers, texas BBQ and a good steak

Your dream project: To design, create, and exhibit a show that is just as much an overwhelming visual installation as it is a ribcage-crushing wall of sound. Everything functions as both a visual and audible aesthetic.

Who would play you in a TV dramatization of the BRLSQ story: John Cusack with Bruce Lee as stunt double.