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Alex Cole Jr. is an artist and musician from South Minneapolis, MN. He specializes in graffiti-style, spray painted pieces. Using popular images and icons that are recognizable, his paintings stand out in a popular fashion while still retaining a classic look.

Although his medium is stencils and spray paint, he is also extremely accomplished with the use of oil paints and watercolor. Not forgetting that his charcoal, ink, and pencil drawings are so realistic, that many people have confused them for actual pictures. His oil paintings range from real life, images of women, to chunky, abstract celebrations of color.

The game of street art has been around since the beginning of cities themselves, but in recent times there has been an explosion of new artists and styles. Alex’s art is highly visible in this populated sea of art and artists. His hand cut stencils are bold, yet retain a expressive nature that allows the true emotion of the subject to be felt. Alex is always open to commissions and personalized painting too. Quite simply he usually will just ask you for a picture of what you like. His willingness to work with clients with such ease is a breath of fresh air today.

Pushing boundaries and still giving people what they want is what Alex does best. Recently finished pieces range from complete nude females to Frank Sinatra. Not to forget Lebron James and a classic version of a “Purple Rain” era Prince. Currently represented by Nevermind Gallery, look for a steady release of new paintings and a solo art show coming up in late spring.